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Ushtara Engineering is a progressive machining company that delivers customized manufacturing solutions. Our engineering expertise traverses diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, power and medical.

We provide manufacturing solutions in a wide range of machining configurations and materials including forgings and castings.


Value Advantage

Our advantage lies in leveraging India's  skilled engineering resource base in order to consistently offer  value  without compromising on quality.

Our team's expertise in tooling and fixturing brings to the table efficient production solutions allowing us to offer competetive prices.

Our Company

Ushtara Engineering was set up in 2006 and has fast grown into a diverse company offering best in class manufacturing solutions.

The company  has a strong well qualified and capable team whose main goal is customer satisfaction and low cost solutions obtained by pushing technical and creative boundaries always keeping in mind strict adherence to process control and delivery schedules.


The motorised wheelchair project has been taken on in order to offer affordable mobility solution to the differently abled . The wheelchair project begun in 2011 took a little more than a year to complete.

The motorsied wheelchair was developmed completely inhouse , using the best technology available to the automotive industry, such as CAD/CAM, Finite Element Analysis among others.

Ushtara in now developing the gearbox . All essential components have been sourced locally so as to enable a more efficient supply chain.

It was felt that there was'nt a mobility product for the differently abled at an affordable cost .

During its developments inputs were sought and taken from various NGO's supporting the cause of the disabled.

The motorised wheelchair has been 2 years in development and our efforts have now come to fruition.

The prodcut currently undergoing beta testing will be available end of 2012.

It will feature an ergonomially designed seat, Joy stick controlled manouevring, and a battery life of 4-6 hours.

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